Dark – Netflix Original Review

Dark - Netflix Original Review
Dark – Netflix Original Review

Dark – Netflix Original Review: Netflix has really been producing some great original content. Now I want to tell you about the series dark. It is German and it is outstanding. It’S a sci-fi drama and I’m not gon na. Tell you too much about the plot, because it’s something you have to experience the series circles around a group.

Some of them are teenagers and there are some adults, a lot of people that I’ve seen or heard they’re liking. It stranger things now. The only reason I can think that they liken it to stranger, things is because there’s a forest nearby and some kids that go into the forest. It’S not like stranger things at all. If you hear hey, you should see dark, because it’s like stranger things ignore them.

They have no idea what they’re talking about it’s, not like stranger things at all. It does resemble, though, boa now, if you’ve seen the Oh, a you know that that was a weird different kind of drama and with some sci-fi mixed into it and you’re not really sure. What’S going on throughout it, because it’s just so well made and so vague, and so it just keeps drawing you in that’s exactly how dark is you can watch dark in dub? If you want, I don’t recommend it. I recommend watching it in German with subtitles.

It’S just it had so much adhering the German language come through and I don’t speak German, not a lick of it other than 9 or a bowl, and that I learned from Hogan’s Heroes. Season 1 is right now on Netflix and they are making a season 2. Now this is a mind trip of a series as you’re going through it. Things begin to unfold, and you begin to put some pieces together and there’s different timelines going on, and so you as you’re watching them. You are trying to piece it together and trying to wrap your brain around.

What exactly has happened halfway through. I found myself piecing little pieces here and there together me like ooh, wait. I think this is connected to this and that and that and oh yeah, but that didn’t answer all my questions. I’M still like what what’s going on since I’m talking about a German show, I figured you know what I would go on the for some German chocolate who I found a Ritter sport bar now. This is the best of two worlds right here, because it’s a butter biscuit kind of like the Walker shortbread things.

I believe I’ve never tried it. So we’re gon na try it here, but then it is dipped in chocolate, and so I mean good grief. That is outstanding right there. There is nothing healthy about this thing, so don’t even pull yourself. Oh I’m gon na try one of these.

It’S okay, I’ll just I’ll, have a little bit and it won’t hurt my diet any. This is gon na completely blow your diet, who cares, eat it and enjoy it. I also got the top effect. I guess maybe that’s how we pronounce it. Who knows it’s a whole hazelnut quoi Mille hazelnut cream and chocolate, and so it is well.

It says right. There on the package YUM, so, let’s see, let’s see how this is: let’s try the top of faith first and see if it’s even worth it. I got this just at my grocery store, so I’m sure you can get them pretty much anywhere, let’s see here. So I take it out. It looks like this.

It’S kind of a [ Music ], the caramel is really good. I don’t really taste the chocolate a whole lot. Mmm. I taste a hazelnut a lot. It’S not bad!

It’S not great either though it actually has a really weird aftertaste. I don’t know, I don’t think I like these top FA here, where it says YUM, you’ve lied. This is not good. Let’S see, though, if the Ritter, sport bar chocolate-covered biscuit, can redeem itself, because I have really high hopes. Well, there’s a lot of chocolate which is not about then looking at the interior.

I don’t know if you can see this at my camera autofocus onto it. It looks a little bit more like a graham cracker covered in chocolate, so the verdict is Ritter, sport, yeah, okay, not too bad top fa yuck, don’t believe the um stay away from it. It’S just not very good back to dark, though dark is spectacular. Dark will make your head hurt and the reward, and the payoff is definitely worth it. There is some sex.

There is some nudity. There is language, there is violent. This is not for the younger kids. Teenagers adults absolutely have at it. I think, though, if you’ve never tried a foreign language film or a ferrant foreign language series, give it a try, don’t just watch one episode.

Stick it out for a couple. Let the story draw you in and if you absolutely have to watch it and dub the whatever okay, I won’t judge you it. I give dark four and a half out of five couches.

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